Game keep crashing randomly >.<

  • Well i dont know what happen but since last patch my game just keep crashing... its annoying since i'm playing hc atm and dont wanna lose my char for a reason like crashing lol....
    PS: The game crash but its still on my Processes list... and i already tried to scan/repair but still crashing
    PS2: Yes i did my gpu driver update already
  • Hey, Elezen!

    Can you disable MSI Afterburner and all of your Razer software to see if the crash still happens?
  • I am not seeing any new crash reports on our end. If you happen to crash again, please submit the crash reports so we can take a look.
  • Elezen

    If you are still having issues, let's have you create a ticket at: so we can dig into this some more. AppHang issues like you are experiencing are normally caused by another program conflicting with the game. Follow all steps Here to verify if any other running programs or services may be causing an issue. If you are still having issues, go ahead and create a ticket.