Can't run 64-bit

  • I have searched for months trying to run Diablo 3 in 64-bit.

    I have an Intel Quad Core i7-4790 with 16GB memory with Windows 8.1. I've made sure I set ALL .exe files to Run as Admin. I've made sure the game options box 32 bit is clear. I've literally tried everything I can find, read and follow in both forums and outside if it's with Windows 8.1 or anything else I could find. I've reinstalled the game. I've even tried to run ALL 7 POSSIBLE .exe programs in the various directories checking the Task Manager each time. They all say (32 bit).

    What would you suggest next?

    PS. I've tried Web Ticket, Chart, and Phone Support. All three have the Submit button grayed out and won't process.
    Mayby you can tell me how to fix that, too.
  • drkenrich,

    Do the following please.

    Navigate to your Diablo III game folder. Open the X64 folder there. Open and save the contents of the D3Debug.txt file and post it here in your reply.