The application encountered an unexpected error

  • Hi, i couldn't launch D3 after installation. There was a pop up with "The application encountered an unexpected error" and this code was given"1B5ED006-FE50-40C3-9F02-C57A0B9C6C0E". Please assist, thanks!
  • Howdy!

    This error is showing up as a ACCESS_VIOLATION (c0000005). This can occur when the game is running into a conflict with accessing your GPU drivers. Reviewing your system it's a good idea to check the following: '
    - For laptops we have seen Fall Creator's update fix some issues, we recommend to update too it by running Windows Updates.
    - Ensure you have the latest Nvidia driver installed. I found your latest driver for you Here.

    Retest. If the issue continues try playing in Selective Startup. This will help us locate if a third party conflict is occurring.

    Thank you!