Very High Ping Everyday Past 16:00 GMT.

  • Hello,

    For several months I am suffering from a very high ping whenever I am trying to play the game from the afternoon till the next morning.
    I am getting over 1000ms at least after 16:00.
    I check and tested my internet connection, the ping , download and upload are pretty good, but still the game is very very laggy.

    I tried talking to my ISP , and they told me their is no problem , and I am getting a little hopeless for this situation.

    Is there a way to fix, I maybe didn't tried?
  • WereDragon,

    From your description, either something on your computer is kicking in during those hours and consuming your system resources (unlikely) or somewhere along the path your packets take to and from our servers, one of the providers may be throttling the throughput (usually done during prime time for their users).

    To check for the first condition, change the time setting on your PC so at a time when you know it works ok, you will have changed it to think it's later in the day, after 1600 hrs. If it starts working poorly, you'll know it's your PC and not the connection.

    To check for the second condition, it's a bit harder as you can't do much to convince your ISP at this point to do anything. I would look into the possibility of using a VPN service which will let you use another path. We're just looking to see if the symptom changes if you do that. We're not suggesting this as a permanent fix, but if it helps, you can talk to your ISP and provide them with that information.