"Diablo III servers are not available. Please try again later."

  • Bry
    Been playing 2.6.1 patch since yesterday and when I tried logging in today, I kept getting the same notice "Diablo III servers are not available. Please try again later.(Code 34200)" But one of my friend from the same server is currently playing and he didn't have problems logging in. Whats going on?
  • Hey Bry!

    Try running a scan and repair on Diablo 3. If that doesn't do the trick, do the troubleshooting steps (including the advanced steps) listed on the Diablo III Disconnection Problems support page. If you're still having trouble after that, run a Trace Route and post the results in a code block. <code>To put the Trace Route results in a code block, copy/paste the entire file into your next post, highlight all of it within the post box, then click the </> button.</code>