Torchlight 2 comparison to Diablo.

  • I purchased Torchlight 2 from Steam a few days ago, because i was getting bored with my current games..Diablo included. I have to say, it's a huge rip off of Diablo (mainly) and many other games; the monsters, the visual layout, even the music. All of these things are great, mind you (with the exception of character skins.. they are kind of doofy), but the reason why i am so obsessed with this game right now is the Skill Tree, or in the case of TL2, the skill point menu and stat points, enchanting, gemming, reviving, etc. There are less skills to choose from, yet the level of customization of greater.:

    First I'm going to go over the basics of TL 2

    The skills can only be unlocked at a certain level, but you must invest points in them in order to use them, additionally, there are tier levels for the skills (except for passives), it seems like every 5 levels of points invested gives u an additional bonus and they are more or less permanent. There is an option to undo the last 3 upgrades, so there is a little bit of wiggle room for errors. If you're coming only from Diablo, then you must be thinking, "that sucks"... nah, it doesn't.. it's great. It creates a sense of customization that Diablo 3 will NEVER have. Sorry Blizzard, it's true. Diablo 3, or at least thenext expansion NEEDS some sort of skill tree. I've been playing D3 for years now, and i have yet to feel "that magic" like when i play Torchlight.

    Then there are stat points. You only get 5 points to spend per leve, and the points you invest in work in 2 ways. 1 - They add overall bonuses to stats ex// Strength increases % weapon DMG and critical hit DMG. Makes sense right? Dexterity increases your critical hit chance and dodge chance. Also makes sense right? Focus increases the rate at which you generate resources and magic DMG. Lastly vitality increases HP and uhhh... i forgot... probably armor. 2 - skill points work as a requirement for gear - you can reach a certain level to wear a piece o gear OR you can have the required stats. In other words, you have to think about what you're doing. Right now my class is similar to the Barbarian. I'm duel wielding so my focus is crits and passives revolving around crits. Also, attack speed... definitely attack speed.

    Enchanting in TL is the equivalent of Kadala and the fat chick that rerolls weapons.. forgot her name. You can enchant any item, but there is a limit to how many times you can do it unless you find a special enchanter somewhere in the missions, or until you get a higher level weapon which is capable of being enchanted multiple times. The idea is to add a bonus/es to an item at a significant cost. The way you earn money in TL was well thought out - i have to actually think about my spending.

    Speaking of money, when you revive, it is only free if you revive in town. It costs a lot of money to revive where you died, or less at the entrance, but increases depending on how far you've travelled from the entrance. Again, you actually have to think about your spending.

    Gemming. The gems have pretty simple abilities or unique ones. Elemental dmg has a special effect per element... which im still flabergasted as to why it doesnt in diablo. Why do holy, fire, physical, cold, poison, lightning and arcane all do the same exact thing if not specified otherwise. The 'same thing', btw, is nothing unique at all. Anyway, so these gems add specific effects in weapons, or in armor,. There is also minimum level requirement so you can't throw a high level gem in a lvl 1 weapon when rolling a new char.

    Lastly there is are the side quest missions - you actually get skill points for side missions!... giving you INCENTIVE... go figure.

    Anyway, so compare all of these things to the way Diablo is now. Think about how much better it would be if you could actually reroll a character instead of just being powerleveled? The concepts of enchanting and reviving for gold would be harder to carry over however - mainly because of boon of the hoarder. Adding skill trees with tiers would actually be beneficial for diablo and it's developers because It would allow for severely underwhelming skills to have amazing upgrades without having to make an item for it, or adjust it every damn patch.

    So I'm getting tired of this thread, but the long story short is Diablo is kind of lame and doesn't really feel like an action RPG and never has... can't really explain it. The only thing to do is to compare it to wildly more liked (notice i said liked and not popular) games in the genre, TL2, Baldur's Gate, and Diablo 2! MAKE A SKILL TREE ALREADY.... JUST DO IT!... HURRY UP WITH AN EXPANSION!
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