Dear Blizzard. I have a problem

  • So i was getting off work, and wanted to play Diablo III with my friend Tyler. We were going to play together as the new Necromancer class. He doesn't have a job, so I decided I would gift it to him. So i purchased gift, got the email sent to my email address so i could be sure he and only he would receive it. I pulled up my email, grabbed the game key and sent it to him via secure private messaging. He tried to post the key in his game and it provided an error. Okay, no problem I'll just submit a ticket and ask for assistance. Except.. Wait for it... I CAN'T!!!! with the attempt of sending a ticket 10 times. IT STILL WONT SEND. I am even using my AUTHENTICATOR to validate my identity and some how it is saying the information isn't correct??? DON'T TELL ME WHATS NOT CORRECT, I AM FILLING EVERY FIELD OUT. So you know blizzard, get your crap together. It's much appreciated.
  • VengeanceUM,

    Does your friend have the regular Diablo III and Reaper of Souls installed already? What you bought was just the Necromancer add-on and it requires both the main game and expansion to be on the account before you can add the key for it.