Game crashing on launch and unable to log web ticket

  • Hey all,

    Could really do with some help. I've done all the recommended troubleshooting steps and been trying to log a web ticket with Blizzard but it keeps timing out, so I'm pretty stuck.

    When I try and launch Diablo 3 from the app, the game immediately crashes, just saying 'The application encountered an unexpected error'. I have previously (most recent was last year) successfully downloaded and played Diablo 3 on this laptop. I'm playing on a Mac.

    I've followed all the recommended troubleshooting steps, including deleting and re-downloading the game. When I tried this a couple days back, the game launched and I was able to play for a while (although it took several tries to purchase the new DLC using the in-game store, as the store kept crashing – but not the game. Not sure if this is related). However when I tried to play again yesterday afternoon, it was back to crashing without launching, and hasn't worked since.

    I've also noticed that often during this time, especially after crashing, the launcher indicates that a patch or update needs to be downloaded, and then makes the game available to play without anything having been downloaded. Again, not sure if this is related.

    Any help much appreciated! Even if just a way of getting through to Blizzard!
  • Having trouble with the game and with even contacting us through the support site indicates larger issue with the system itself. Try the following and see if that helps, if not, try this link to submit a ticket to us. Try a different browser if necessary.

    Updating Mac OSX and drivers.
    1. Open Software Center and make sure to download all updates. It is possible you may need restart and recheck Software Center multiple times to get everything.
    2. Go to Google
    3. Search for "mac osx combo update". Include your current os version (IE 10.13.1) to see if one is available for your system.
    4. Download, install and restart your system.

    Try running your system in selective startup mode.

    At this time, lets go ahead and run some permission/disk repairs to try and solve this:

    Repair - Mac Folder Permissions
    Repair - Application Permissions
    Test - Mac Hardware

    Ok, if all else fails let us try this one last thing. Creating a new administrator account.

    Once the account is created, shut down the computer, wait 60 seconds, restart, log into the new profile and try the game.
  • Hey there again. I just wanted to followup and see if you made any progress on this. At this point, the fact you are unable to even submit a ticket through our support site really prevents us from being able to assist.

    I would recommend seeing about taking your system to a friends and seeing if you can first play normally without disconnecting/crashing and outside of that see if you can submit a ticket with the needed system report information for your system attached.

    If you can play normally or at least submit a ticket normally then it suggests an issue within your home network or even your ISP. That is something that can be looked at separately if needed.

    If you still are unable to play or submit a ticket, that at least tells us the issue is on the system itself and while we covered most available troubleshooting for the system already, It does help us narrow our focus in trying to figure out what is causing the issues for you. Hopefully that will lead to a course of action you can take to solve the problem.