Today is my 71st birthday

  • I want to thank all the wonderful gamers out there. I love reading all the discussions out there. And count all of you as friends.

    I have been playing games for so long I can't remember, when I haven't. So this Granny will be playing until the end, and looking forward to reading more discussions on the forums.

    Thanks and have a great time playing the games.

    I want to thank all you wonderful players who have responded to this post.
    It has been overwhelming. Thank you so very much. I had a great time with my grandchildren this birthday, and you all made it a little bit more special.

    Thank you
  • Happy birthday, Natasha! It's so wonderful to hear how much you're enjoying Sanctuary and the heroes who inhabit it.

    Thanks for sharing your special day with us. Truly, it's a blessing to have such sweet and honorable members of our community. :)