Worst snack food while playing

  • In the spirit of the previous post, what do you think is the worst thing to eat while playing D3?

    Restricted to legit food items only. While trying to eat a live feral cat would be hard, it is frowned upon.

    I'm voting ren fair turkey leg.
  • 10/11/2017 03:55 PMPosted by Grimshade
    A little off topic but the world needs to know. How many Junior Mints do you have to eat for them to count as a meal?

    According to the interwebs, a 1.84 oz. box of Junior Mints has approximately 24 pieces and 220 calories. We'll call that 9.2 calories per Junior Mint. Assuming a 2000 calorie diet and a typical meal of approximately 500 calories, that means you would need to consume about 54 Junior Mints to constitute "a meal."

    Glad I could contribute. ;)

    10/12/2017 09:56 AMPosted by Ugum
    Anything that is hot and requires a spoon.

    Agreed. I've attempted order-in ramen before. It almost always ends poorly, or the ramen gets cold by the time I realize "oh, right, I have food in front of me."