No banwave yet?

  • It is quite sad that still there has been zero action taken on the overwhelming abuse of botters this season. Not only was nothing done for the entirety of S10 which made it a complete waste of a seson, but then the exploit issue and lack of communication, which destroyed non season.

    Blizz has a chance to at least keep S11 and future seasons legitimate by having ban waves early and often. By waiting until the end or not at all most botters enjoy an entire season with inflated items and paragon by sinking little time into the game.

    These same botters just sell the accts and buy a new one regardless of a banwave anyway for roll backs.

    Please keep integrity of leaderboards for once. The message being sent lately is exploit early and as often as you can. And even worse is bot as much as you want to gain advantage and nothing will done.

    The lack of policing in this game really leaves just two options for the competitve player. Either bot yourself to keep up, or quit, because there is no middle ground with no action to keep "fair play" in check.

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