Add Bump or Normal Mapping

  • I have to say that I love the gameplay of Diablo 3, but the graphics are a bit lacking. It would be cool to see some improvements in this department after most of the server and performance issues are fixed. These improvements include:

    1. Add bump or normal mapping to improve the way the game looks. Right now the textures appear flat, especially on the main characters, bosses, and common enemies. This will greatly improve the way the game looks. I'm surprised that this isn't supported in D3. This is a modern technique that almost every game uses. Even SC2 has Parallax mapping (which is superior to normal mapping).

    2. Get rid of the intentional blur and increase the sharpness of the textures. Since bump or normal mapping will increase the way the textures and game looks, this blur will hinder this substantial improvement. So, it is not needed.

    You can see the differences that normal and even parallax mapping makes here:

    Really those two main things would make a big difference in the way the game looks. Again, this could be for a later patch after fixing server and performance issues. So, I hope some of you agree with me. For those that don't, you don't have to insult me or anything, just simply move along as it may not matter to you. Thank you.
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