Reaper of Souls Deluxe Edition items not in game?

  • I purchased The RoS Deluxe Edtion a little while back (Purchased on 10/2/17 through the in game collections tab where you can find one of two options being the standard edition or deluxe edition) and I'm unable to find any of the items it says comes with RoS Deluxe. I've read that there would be a download of some sort when purchased but I've never seen any sort of notification indicating a download. I even just checked again about 5 minutes ago and still am not seeing anything except for (Mercy Wings from Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm profile picture trim as well as Overwatch's, and one more profile lining I can't recall but I think is just the default one?) Just feeling a little down that it feels like $40 (because I wasn't thinking and bought BOTH Standard and Deluxe edition) just went down into the drain everything else is fine though (such as me having the Crusader and access to Act 5) just none of the items that it says come with it. OR am I just needing to complete something for me to have access to these items?
  • Hello PartTheSkies!

    In-game, in the Collection menu (right-click your portrait and choose "Customize Portrait"), this should show the deluxe edition content that's been added to your collection so far. Bones, the pet, should then be visible in the Collection > Pets category.

    Some items, such as transmog appearances, will need to be collected from character mail. This will be a conspicuous icon in the bottom left, down by the chat window icon.

    If you have any other questions let us know!