Game crash on launch

  • Game is crashing every time I try to launch it. I haven't played in a while (since before necro release), but it used to work fine. However, I have tried everything i can think of. I have already updated my video drivers, reinstalled the game, made sure the xbox gamebar was turned off (saw that suggestion in another thread), unchecked the enable streaming button, and tried running as 64 bit and 32bit.

    I got this Error ID:

  • Hey RubberDucky,

    Try setting the game to launch in windowed mode. To do that:
      - Open File Explorer and then open the Documents folder
      - Open the D3 folder
      - Open the 'D3Prefs' file in notepad
      - Find DisplayModeWindowMode and change the value in the quotations to 1 it should look like this: <code>DisplayModeWindowMode "1"</code>
      - Save the file and try launching D3 again

    If you're still crashing after that, post your DxDiag in a Code Block and we'll go from there. To put your DxDiag in a code block, copy/paste the entire file into your next post, highlight all of it within the post box, then click the </> button.
  • Hey RubberDucky,

    Going over the error logs I did see Razer software coming up in them a bunch. Make sure all the Razer software is up to date. Then see if disabling the Razer software makes a difference.

    I also see some Nvidia errors in the files. Set video card settings back to the default settings. Then turn on Nvidia Debug mode.

    • Turn on Nvidia Debug mode
      1) Right click desktop ad select Nvidia panel
      2) Click on help
      3) Select debug mode (if available).
      A check mark will appear to show next to it to show that it is enabled.
  • Hey, RubberDucky!

    Please uninstall the following programs temporarily to test:
    ASUS Splendid
    AsusTek Overlay
    Razer Synapse
    Razer Chroma
    Nvidia Geforce Experience
    Razer SDK

    Once all of these are removed, try again.