Lets bring 2.6.1 live ASAP

  • It has been a long while since we got a really great patch. Especially for the barbs, that have been forgotten for ever. It is useless to continue with 2.6.0. I have way way way more fun playing PTR. So forget timelines, lets bring 2.6.1 live right now...
  • Uploading a patch isn't something we can just push a button and have roll over immediately. Well, not without very likely catastrophic results.

    There's a lot of important stages in patch roll-out that have to take place first. This is why there's usually a "quiet" period of the PTR where we make few, if any, additional changes. Stability is extremely important to the game experience (as I'm sure you all know!), so we take time to do stress tests, submissions to our console teams, and working close with the Battle.net deployment team to make sure the patch launch will go smoothly.

    This is also the reason we typically don't announce specific patch dates; there's always a possibility something doesn't go as planned and we have to shift things around. Certainly, we try to plan for the worst, but there's always that teeny, tiny chance of the unexpected.