Clan missing

  • My clan is not showing, yet I am still in the clan, and am the leader.

    Can you please fix it. It's confusing for my clan, who think I've left the clan.
  • Hey AlThor,

    I do see on our end you do show in clan. I refreshed your account on the servers. That may help get the clan to show again for you. If not check back after maintenance today to see if the clan shows.

    If it is still not showing, we have seen clan issue in the past helped by leaving custom chat channels. You can rejoin the channels after the clan shows again.
      1) In chat type: /list This will list the chat channels your account has joined
      2) In chat type: /leave [channelname] exp: /Leave general

    Also, we have seen opening the community browser (shift + O) and leaving it open for 5 minutes can help restore the clan information.