10.13 Graphics Problem, Game Crashes

  • 1-5 minutes into game, graphics suddenly disappear; missing characters, effects, textures.


    Zoning, leaving/rejoining games does not help.

    Happens Every game, shortly after which game completely crashes and exits to desktop.

    late 2012 iMac
  • Hey there!

    I would like to get some information from you so we can investigate this further on our end to figure out what is causing the issues.

    We would like to see some System Profiles. If you want to help us further on this, follow the steps listed in the article I linked and then email [email protected]

    Please include:
    Subject line - MacOS 10.13 Graphics
    Include a link to this forum thread in the body of the email.
    Attach the created file to the email.

    ~ Zayssie