What is the average age of Diablo 3 players?

  • I'm 28 with a wife so I cannot spend too much time on games. That's why I prefer games like Hearthstone which I can play anywhere and doesn't need a lot of time for one section. But the thing with HS community is it's full of kids. Not just teenage "kids", but literally kids 10 or 11 years old. The forum is full of trolling posts which is entertaining but doesn't give you a lot of useful information.

    Now come to this Diablo board, the first thing I realized is that the board is much calmer. There is no 20-page trolling posts, nobody brings religions into discussions, and nobody compares things with Hitler :). Is this because people here are more mature and more restrain in doing that kind of stuff?
  • I really do love seeing how varied our community is! Some people have been with us since the original Diablo release nearly 21 years ago; others might have experienced Diablo III or even Reaper of Souls first.

    Regardless, there's one thing I always see threading us all together; our mutually shared love of plowing through monsters, finding loot, and making friends in Sanctuary. My favorite stories are spun around how Diablo brings folks together—thanks to everyone for sharing, I can't wait to read more!
  • I guess it's fair - I'm happy to throw my hat into the ring.

    I turned 31 earlier this month, and my first Diablo experience was with Diablo 2. My best friend's mom played a lot and, after she learned I was a big tabletop RPG nerd, she loaned me her disc to play offline. I remember quite a few late nights playing my Bowazon, but I never finished the game—I was a really active kid with a lot of extracurricular activities, so I just never got around to it before I returned her copy.

    I was in line, as a fan, at the launch party for Diablo III. I watched developers get their faces shaved on stage and cheered when servers went live. I had the same login troubles everyone else did, but stayed up late with my boyfriend fighting errors until we could play together. See, D3 launched on our anniversary, and our plans for celebrating was to game together. I wound up leveling every class to 60, perfecting my Whirlwind Barb and Crit Mass Wizard.

    I was finishing leveling my Witch Doctor to 60 when I got the interview call for the D3 Community team. It must have went well, because I joined the community team literally the week after Reaper of Souls was announced. I've loved every moment since. :)