ONE more PTR Patch confirmed - What to do!

  • Let's keep this short and important. What should be done?

    Here is my list, you can add your own in your comments, but try to keep it short and important things only. I'd say max 3 points per comment.

    1. [WD] Zunimassa's Set: Add/buff ANYTHING that makes us use THIS set over other sets (buff to Fetish items (+SMK?), AoE for melee Fetishes, more ranged Fetishes....)

    2. [Necro] Pestilence Set: Add/buff ANYTHING that this set becomes viable with Bone Spear as our main damage dealer (buff to Bone Spear weapon)

    3. [DH] Natalya's/Marauder's Set: Buff Kridershot/Augustine's Panacea/Sword of Ill Will/Spines of Seething Hatred
  • I'd like to clarify (and redirect to the Dev Chronicles again, if you haven't read them) that additional, new changes are highly unlikely at this stage of development. Tweaks to items, skills, or sets we've already made changes to are much more in line with our current goals for the next PTR patch (many of which are already locked in so we can generate the next build and make sure it's functional).

    Not that additional feedback and suggestions for the future are unwanted (there's room to jot down feedback for potential changes at a later date), but as the community has continued to ask for guidance in providing feedback, I wanted to make sure to provide it where I can. :)
  • 09/22/2017 10:09 AMPosted by Melancholy
    Could we get some hints what sets/items/spells/builds will get touched in the coming ptr patch?

    Patch notes are still being finalized, but there are tweaks going both up and down for various items that were improved over the course of PTR. Everything will still wind up being an overall net buff, but some numbers will be lower than they have been on past PTR patches. 'Tis the nature of tuning, after all!

    It should bring the best performing sets pretty darn close to one another. I'm really looking forward to seeing class performance after this next round of tweaks!
  • 09/22/2017 10:35 AMPosted by TheTruth
    The direction was set by feedback from previous PTRs as well as feedback in the General discussion forum (also probably reddit, dfans, streamers, etc). In other words, this thread, which many if not all of the suggestions won't make it in this patch, will help inform the changes they start looking into for the next patch.

    This is pretty accurate. And you're absolutely right that it's on us to clarify this and make our lines of communication more clear. That's a long term goal overall, and I hope the steps we've taken with this PTR sets a precedent for the future. :)

    09/22/2017 10:41 AMPosted by Necrovex
    @ Nevalistis, sorry if this is improper ma'am but I would very much like if you could (if you have not done so already) read this post on Maltorius Petrified Spike

    Oh, trust me. It's hard for me not to notice feedback on that particular item.

    On a more serious note, we don't have any current plans to make changes to Bone Spear or Maltorious' Petrified Spike, but I've got it jotted down in my long list of community requests.