exe file name/location?

  • First of all, please don't make fun of me for the stupid question, i'm sick and hangover ;D
    My game got stuck and the only solution which worked on other games for me is using the command TASKKILL. Now, for future references, what's the exe file name for reaper of souls, cause I've tried different combos of diabloiii.exe and diablo.exe and what not and nothing worker.

    After giving up, restrating and looking for the file manually, I cant seem to locate it - hence still have no idea what's the proper name of it is. Help me please o'wise enlightened forum users. Again dunno if this is a dumb question but when task manager fails my only solution is this, and I cant get it to work if I dont have the proper exe name ;P
  • Just to add on, the 64 bit client can usually be found in:
    C: > Program Files (x86) > Diablo III > x64 > Diablo III64.exe