Disconnecting from the Server the moment my game starts

  • Hello fellow Diablo III gamers. I have been having a hell of a time trying to play my Diablo 3 game with any of my characters lately. Id open Diablo III the pop up for connecting to the server, joining the Queue, and retrieving my character list works fine. But when I click on Resume game/Start new game. the moment my game starts and my character loads. I get the "Disconnected from the Server" popup, and tried three times to open my game
  • Hello godlyarceus!

    Terribly sorry to hear you're having connection issues in Diablo ><

    Have you looked through our general troubleshooting suggestions yet?

    Diablo III Disconnection Problems

    I would especially recommend power cycling your network hardware, and flushing your PC's DNS information. These will clear out any outdated routing information they might have been stuck on.

    If you're playing on wi-fi, and are able to hook up directly to your modem, that is also strongly recommended.

    Beyond the steps in that article, we can test the pathway your data travels to the server to see if something's getting interrupted.

    Running WinMTR

    This is a robust network test that will give us a clear picture of network activity in any timeframe you decide, so the results can be included in a reply to the forum post. Just review the steps in the article for the best results.

    Best of luck in your adventures :)