Game goes offline with error 1016

  • For over 15 to 20 times I get to the main man in rifts to defeat and I get kicked offline and error 1016 comes. It is very frustrating for and old fart like me ( 80 + )
    years. Been playing since atari and commadore days. I have 5 Diablo 3 accounts and this has happened on every account. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you, [removed]
    e-mail = [removed - never post personal info in a public forum]
  • RYANO,

    Could you please describe your internet connection for me?

    For example, is it wireless or wired?

    Is there any other internet activity taking place from another device on your network when you play the game?

    What's the brand and model # of your modem?

    Have you tried any steps to fix it yet and if so, what did you try?

    Why do you have 5 Diablo III accounts? (just curious about this one, it has no effect on your issue)