High Sierra 10.13 - Low FPS

  • Since upgrading to the 10.13 GM Candidate Diablo 3 is running extremely poorly in regards to FPS. I used to run it capped at 60fps, now it struggles at the same graphics settings to get 15fps! I'm running on a Late 2016 MBP with the Radeon 460. Anyone else notice poor FPS with High Sierra?
  • Hi there Brandonee,

    As of right now, High Sierra is not out yet and is in beta. I hope this problem is one that is resolved before the full release.

    For something to try while you have the new build, we can try to reset the game settings. Sometimes when an update like this happens, it causes issues with presets.
    1. Open your Documents
    2. Find the Diablo III folder and enter it
    3. Delete the D3Prefs.txt within