[wiz]etched sigil buged

  • It does not cast every second.
    From this video you can see the stacks get from Twisted Sword is only 3 or 4.
    The Energy Twister is last 6 seconds, if everything work properly, it should always
    get 5 stacks.

    Please fix it!!!

    Etched Sigil
    cast one of your other damaging Arcane Power Spenders every second.

    The Twisted Sword
    Energy Twister damage is increased by 125–150% for each Energy Twister you have out up to a maximum of 5.

    Energy Twister
    Unleash a twister of pure energy that deals 1525% weapon damage as Arcane over 6 seconds to everything in its path.
  • Hey everyone,

    Thanks for all the testing. The internal cooldown for the new Etched Sigil was actually scaling with it's damage roll (don't ask), so the internal cooldown was somewhere between 1.25s and 1.5s depending on how your item rolled. We've fixed it for the next PTR patch.