Diablo 3 launching issues

  • When I go to launch the game via the B.net launcher, it starts "fetching patch manifest" and after downloading about 30-ish MBs, it'll let me start the game. However, when I DO start the game, it hangs in the task bar (dock for mac) and is unresponsive. If I force quit D3, it goes right back to "fetching patch manifest" and the problem starts all over again. Any fix that doesn't involve reinstalling the game?
  • Hey Opex!

    We can definitely try a few things without requiring a reinstall of the game! First let's clear out some things and reinstall the app. Be sure to delete the preferences, then reinstall!

    From there, try a disabling
    the login items

    If it continues after that, let's turn off the auto update on the Launcher.
      1. Open the Launcher
      2. Head over the top left, Blizzard > Settings > Game Install/Update
      3. Scroll down until you see "Game Updates" and set it to "Never automatically apply updates."
      4. Next, move the folder to a new location, then scan and repair!

    Last thing to try is a fresh reinstall of Diablo III.