id error.

  • ID error today after windows update.
  • Howdy!

    You reported this error started after updating Windows. This is possible if your video card drivers are older and Windows DVR is running.

    We recommend to Disable Xbox DVR under your Windows Settings Here.

    - Before you play it's a good idea to check for your video card's latest driver and install it.

    Thank you!
  • Heyo!

    Took a look over the crash log and these are the main things that stand out:

    MSI Nahimic
    <code>DBG-MODULE<00007FFD0E510000 0003b000 "NahimicVRDevProps.dll"</code>
    <code>DBG-MODULE<00007FFD206D0000 00033000 "aswhooka.dll"</code>
    Let's try removing those and giving the game another try. If the game crashes again, be sure to post the new error code.