Consistant Increase in my Latency

  • So.... not sure what exactly happened from yesterday until today but my latency usually sits around 40-60. but i log in today and it will not ever go down below 84 to me thats a huge deal especially when your soloing GR100+. I've tried resetting my modem, tried flushing my dns, releasing ip and renewing im completely out of ideas here. i know you guys don't like comparing one game to another but..... none of my other games have had a change in latency at all... and im not getting lag spikes or anything like that its just consistantly between 84-100 sometimes it goes alittle past 100 but like i said this is unacceptable to me. If i can get it fixed i'll literally stop playing thats how much it bothers me. Please dont come and say nothing has changed either because im willing to be something has changed thats causing the issue
  • Hello InYooFace!

    Sorry to hear you're having latency issues arising lately... have you run any connection tests yet? We can get some more insight into where the issue's arising:

    Running WinMTR

    You can include the results in a reply to this forum post, and we can get an idea of what your next steps should be.

    Best of luck in your adventures :)