QoL changes - what to expect?

  • Hi guys. I'm gonna simply start off with saying thank you for all the increased interaction as of late. It's a breath of fresh air in what has been a stale, angsty and bitter PTR forum.

    With all the buffs to bring up the underperforming sets & items, which are much appreciated, what can we expect to see in the next few cycles of PTR in terms of actual Quality of Life in gameplay dynamics, and the game's visual appeal?

    Most Requested by Community:

    1.) Expanded Auto-Looting - Currently, it is just Gold and Blood Shards that are looted automatically. It is a reasonable request that non-currency resources are added to this metric.

    2.) Ring & Amulet Sockets - If you run a build without 3 legendary gems, it is automatically sub-optimal. If all jewelry rolled with guaranteed sockets, that would significantly help with gear progression. Yes, it makes the game easier, but it makes it easier in a way that eliminates frustration, and that is healthy.

    Here is a list of things I am curious about:
    1.) Microtransactions for cosmetic & otherwise - Adds personality/customization, and revenue for the game

    2.) Inventory Management - Things such as Jewels and GRK's, why keep them as an item instead of a number in a window-pane?

    3.) Timers - Nephalem Rifts, Urshi, Crafting. This game is full of mundane tasks as is, can we cut down on some? Crafting could easily be made instantaneous, same with Urshi upgrades. Greater Rifts are great because once everyone is done, they all talk to Orek and it's closed. Would be neat to have the same interaction with Nephalem Rifts (minus the gigantic pop-up window) that starts a countdown with one person, and closes it immediately if all players talk to him.

    4a.) Primal Drops - All legendary items have their stats and tier decided when they are dropped. Should Primals have their own unique visual cues when dropped on the ground?
    4b.) Primal Identification - If the prior is implemented, I think it would be smart to still mask what exact item it is. Like with Kadala, how it's the purple item icon, and there is a callout like "Babylon has just found a Primal {[[Dagger]]}" or something of the like.

    5.) Pets - Will they ever do more than just loot gold? Gold just goes straight into the inventory as a number. There is no physical item that we hold on to, much like Blood Shards in the old days. I'm certain it would be as simple as changing a 0 to 1 in a "RadialPickup" and "PetsCanLoot" stat or whatever you have them coded as.

    6.) Auto Casting - Currently an easy method is the NumLock trick, but requires clicking to let the command go through. It doesn't work with Force Move, or if you're channeling. Will we see any type of auto-casting for abilities in the future?

    7.) User Interface - That Paragon box in the bottom middle is absolutely frustrating. If we could find a way to either A.) Make the UI components movable on a grid or B.) Disable menu pop-ups while in combat, that would be amazing. I'm more keen on option A, but I think both A and B are implementable with each other.

    8.) Town Setup - Currently, Act 1 is my go-to town for farming content. Kadala, Salvage, Orek, Stash, Mystic, Jeweler, etc. They're all in close proximity in New Tristram. Westmarch is next best, then Hidden Camp. Bastion's Keep is a mess. Also, Act 2 is bright as hell sometimes and I hate that (just a personal pet peeve, I live in darkness.)

    9a.) Bounty Guides - Shave the timer down to 15~30 seconds for when the arrows pop up, and increase the proximity as well. Doing some of those A2 bounties or the A5 run to Urzael and Adria are tedious at best without them.
    9b.) Group vs Solo - This is potentially a heated subject, but I think bounty rewards should be changed up a bit. Each act should have 4 bounties instead of 5, one for each potential player in a full-group. Then, proportionately scale the bounty rewards to how many players participated. Only 2 people? Double the bounty mats. Ran it solo? You get quadruple. (Applicable to GR runs as well...more later)

    10.) Group vs Solo GR EXP --- I am aware this is a long-shot, and I am biased as a predominately solo player. I would like to see GR experience re-worked. Give a large bonus to solo clears (100~150% more). It's something very hard to balance, and it's good to encourage group play through being able to clear higher GR's with friends and randos for the benefit of quicker EXP and gem levels, but that innately makes it a penalty for those who are anti-social and don't enjoy playing with others.

    That's all I have for now. I'll update this as I think of more, and hope to have some community interaction, feedback and suggestions to add as well.

    Thanks again for all your hard work guys. #MakeDiablo3GreatAgain
  • 09/07/2017 09:37 PMPosted by Babylon
    Apparently, QoL changes to make the game more engaging are not something of importance.

    It's not that they aren't; it's that this isn't the focus of this patch. We certainly appreciate the feedback, though, and I'm happy to file it away for future consideration.

    The main reason for the title edit was that including developer names in a title is a violation of our forum posting guidelines. Rather than locking or deleting a thread that is thoughtful and well-constructed, sometimes we prefer to moderate gently as a reminder. Apologies if this wasn't clear!

    It should also be noted that upholding both the forum code of conduct and guidelines is something executed not only by myself, but by our forum moderation team. They are not developers or community managers and won't respond to such topics. In the same right, that doesn't mean we haven't seen it either. While we're making efforts to improve our rate of communication, we're still not realistically going to be able to respond to everything. Developers have bugs and code to attend to, and I do a whole lot more than just post on the forums and collect feedback.

    Your feedback is important! It's just one part of a very big plate of duties we have.