[Crusader] @Don, did you guys forget Shield Bash?

  • Hello,

    I feel like you guys just forgot about Shield Bash while attaching a new 500% multiplier to basically every underperforming build. Bash really needs massive amounts of damage in order to make up for its clunkiness (bad mechanics and attack speed bugs)

    I pushed Shield Bash to GR90 (p1750; now 2300 on PTR) where it reached its limits. I had to open a few 90s to clear it. Around 21k strength, DPS gems at 110+). On seasons I cleared the first 108 solo with my necro just to show the imbalance.

    Here's my quick fix suggestion:
    1. Flail of the Ascended: add 400-500% Shield Bash multiplier

    2. Drakkon's Lesson [redesign]: 'Shield Bash deals 450-500% more damage to the first 7 enemies it hits. 75% of its Wrath costs are refund when it hits an enemy.'

    3. Piro Marella [redesign]: 'After using Shield Bash, reduce all incoming damage by 40-50% for 8 seconds. Shield Bash deals 100% more damage.'

    4. Akkhan's Addendum: 'Akarat's Champion gains the effect of Prophet and Embodiment of Power Rune. All damage is increased by 2% for every point of your maximum Wrath' (could be our cube weapon option instead of Final Witness)

    5. Omnislash (redesign): 'Shield Bash gains the effect of the Shield Cross Rune'

    While 1-3 will bring Bash into a decent spot, 4 and 5 will make it really good. Also, 4 would be very good for any crusader build since most just use Furnace (still :-/)
  • So, I did check into this. Here's what I found out. Shield Bash is a complicated beast with a lot of moving parts. We wanted to focus on making as many changes as possible to improve variety rather than only honing in on a couple of popular builds.

    The result meant we had to skip over some of the more complex player requests, and Shield Bash was one of them. :( Trust me, I'm bummed out too; I really enjoy the visceral, satisfying bash-to-the-face action this build provides. It'll still be something I play while I'm farming for gear to push higher in Greater Rifts. Ultimately, that's something we're okay with; the nature of game will always result in some builds performing better than others.

    While we can't promise we'll make changes in the future to Shield Bash (due it being a tall order), we do want you to know we've heard the community's desire for it.