Why do the developers listen to noobs?

  • Why is it whenever someone sub 1k-2k paragon posts something online you guys practically JUMP to make amends to anything they say when they haven't even played the game long enough for them to know what to change to make it better. but when i see people who make AWESOME suggestions you ignore them? ive been in top 100 4 man for a while and know what it takes to make the game good again here are a few suggestions. #1 take keeps and sewers in grs and give them a 10% rotation chance instead of what seems like a 75% chance, #2 BALANCE THE MONSTERS in grs out so the game is not about fishing and opening a lucky map but actually about how good your group plays together, people stop playing because the game is based on luck and not skill the way it is set up. #3 gems and keys should stack where bounties are and be able to be right clicked. #4 you should be able to open multiple cows or puzzle rings in a game and have a 20 second timer like rifts where the old one shuts down. there are so many more easy fixes you can apply feel free to hit me up for testers.
  • We don't judge ideas based solely on one's experience. One of our core values at Blizzard is "Every Voice Matters."

    And it does. People of kinds play our games. Some play hardcore, some don't play seasons, and some play casually. We want as many of those players as possible to have fun, and while we can't realistically please everyone, we certainly try to make sure voices from every kind of player are heard.

    Seeing as this isn't much of a productive topic, I'm going to lock it. Should you decide you want to share your concerns in a constructive manner without insulting or talking down to other players, you're welcome to make a more respectful thread.