error 1016

  • I usually have no connection issues with the game, I'm connected directly to the modem, however when the computer in the other room is in use which has a thumb drive wifi enhancer, i get kicked off the game frequently with the error code 1016 every time, is there anything I can do on my end to fix this?
  • Skulsplitter,

    If it's a WiFi device and you're on a wired connection, it's not affecting you directly. It's more likely the router or modem has a QOS (Quality of Service) setting enabled and it's giving all the bandwidth to the connection using the booster. You might look for any settings like that and disable them to see if it helps. Or if you can, run the other connection with a wire as you're doing and don't use WiFi. I'd do that even if it's only a temporary test to see if it's going to fix the issue you're having.