Unable to connect to server

  • I posted yesterday but it seems it didn't work.

    I played a few hundred hours back in 2012 (in USA) and want to start playing again. So i installed and started the game. I am currently living in Singapore, which I found to be listed in the region Americas.
    So I started the game in the region Americas and my heroes (back from 2012) were listed there, but I couldn't start the game (unable to connect to server) with any of them and neither creating a new hero.
    The other day I tried to play in the region Asia, and successfully created and started a game with a new hero.
    So, is this supposed to happen? Do I have to play in the region Asia?
    The twist is that I can and do play Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm in the Americas region (never tried Asia, since I was always able to play with my friends in America).
  • lucasarea,

    You can play on any of the regions, you just can't share anything between them as far as characters and inventory are concerned. I'm seeing you were connected and playing on the US region a couple of hours after your post above. Did you still need help with this?
  • lucasarea,

    I see you have Overwatch on your account, are you able to connect with that game to the US?