Can't Log Into Game

  • I have not been able to log into Diablo III since last night around 6:00 p.m. and still not today. Getting several different error messages including this one. Please help and tell me what this means and if others are experiencing this same thing. One of the messages I get is this: 4013FC46-A987-4EC4-BC8C-30785A05BDDD. I've tried reinstalling and repairing and still no luck.

    Thanks for your help. I'm trying to log in now and can't. :((
  • Hey EchoMcBride!

    I looked up that crash report and more than likely, these crashes are due to the drivers for that GeForce 930M video card being out of date. I suggest updating those drivers and then running a Scan and Repair on Diablo 3.
  • IceBear,

    You seem to be using the 32 bit game client right now, can you try using the 64 bit one instead and see if it helps?

    You can set that option under the Game Settings section for Diablo III in the Desktop App.