PC freeze or unexpected error

  • Since the Necro update I have issues with the game, sometimes the PC locks up and resetting the PC is the only option. This time I got an expected error (got it before and google was not my friend) 5C1BEE26-7B2D-453F-A8A6-D3E6B5B98D11.
    I already tried several possible solutions, none of them helped.
    Can you please help me to resolve this issue?
  • Hey Amarinth!

    That error code is a unique identifier for unexpected errors/game crashes. Those crash reports get sent to us so that we can help figure out what might be causing the game to crash. In this case, the error indicated that the crash is being caused by out of date video drivers or corrupted game files. The video drivers for that GeForce GTX 970 in this case are a few versions out of date, so, I suggest updating those first. Along with the driver updates, I also suggest running a scan and repair.