insane lag-every evening!

  • insane lag-every evening!

    getting 1600-2500 to 3000 or more every evening, starting about 21:00 in european time.

    in mornings and noon(which i barely can play) I have very good ping!

    so its not any problem on my side- but an overwhelmed server by your side!

    what are the chances of this getting fixed?
    tried american server also besides the european- same results.
  • Heyo!

    Read over this and if the latency is only occurring in the evening, then this would generally indicate an issue with how the connection is being routed. Its possible that there may be more traffic passing through a particular hop in the evening that may cause congestion resulting in increased latency. To get a better look at this, we'll want to run a traceroute test while you're having those jumps in latency.
  • @LordKaffa
    It would be preferred if you ran the test in-game during the latency issues. What were you reading the ping off of if the game was closed?
  • Hmm, not seeing much in the traceroute test. This would probably be better taken care of through a support ticket where we can look over your system files. Would suggest putting in the ticket here.

    One thing I would suggest looking into based on your location\ISP would be if your ISP has a "gaming" package. We've seen this come up a few times in your area and have had reports of it resolving connection issues when playing our games.