Need help with Registration of actual game

  • I'm having a macbook air and last night it was my birthday so i get this gift from my brother. He ordered Diablo 3 Battle chest (including both D3 and D3 Ros) CDs .
    So the problem is Macbook air doesn't have a "CD-Rom". I tried to open those CDs in on computer and would find Diablo 3 Setup.Dmg file so that i could copy it and install on my mac but that didn't worked. In CD case I have Diablo 3 code to activate the product. I decided to get help from you guyz so that i can get the latest D3 and D3 ros with Necromancer on my macbook air. I've been big fan of Diablo series and was hell excited for this game. Any helps will be appreciated :D
  • Hey Lycan!

    Firstly, you'll want to claim your CD Key's on the Blizzard Claim Code page. Once you do, they should be tied with your Blizzard Account!

    You can get the Game Installer and it should display Install, rather than Buy Now. This will install the most latest version, and keep your Diablo up to date.