New to RoS...being forced to start at Act 1 with lvl 60 character

  • Need to start at ACT 1 on a lvl 60 Barb upon purchasing RoS. My HC WD can start at Act 5. Obviously as a level 60 I've played through all content up to RoS. I've been playing on console for a while now but wanted to get back to PC. Please help! I can't even start a new game with the option of the new Act and I'd rather not be forced to play through the entire story again.

  • Servatius,

    Your level 60 is Hardcore, that's why you can't get Adventure mode unlocked in the regular mode.

    It's not clear in our article

    but this one defines it a bit better

    "Adventure Mode is unlocked for all characters by completing Act V with any character, regardless of the character level, and once unlocked, can be used by any character of any level of the same type (Hardcore/Softcore and Seasonal/Normal) on account."