• OK, for more info read my earlier post " Imagine", so now I'm reinstalling D3 from the client since I don't feel like rummaging through the closet looking for all the discs. Now it just says Diablo 3 so is that only original Diablo, D2 and D3 ROS ? Does that now include the Necromancer or do I need to go hunting for that to install it and yes I bought the Necromancer pack.
  • Howdy Raine,

    You should utilize the Blizzard app to reinstall Diabo III. It's helpful to know any time you install any of our games, even if it says starter edition. The whole game client is always installed. Your purchases on your Blizzard account are what unlock your content for the client once you hit play. Example if you already own Reaper of Souls and the Necro Pack, this will be included when you login with out you having to do anything other than hit install on the Diablo III tab of the Blizzard app. Diablo III also saves information server side so character data will also be saved.

  • Swaggett this appears to just be your World of Warcraft account, I don't see any other games. Try locating your other account or contact our support to find it. :)