Error code 3016 and 1016..Please HELP

  • Error Code 3016 and 1016....Please HELP
  • Hi there ,

    I looked over this and have a few ideas to help out here. If you are connecting from a home network that you are the admin of, then we may be able to assist.

    First thing I would do is a simple [url=""]power cycle[/url] of the home network.

    Next is to flush your machines DNS.

    If these do not help, please let us know a bit more about the issue. Are you seeing this on login, or is it while playing randomly?

    Lets grab a WinMTR report from you to check that out if the prior steps did not help.

  • Hey RevoltingOrc,

    I can assure you , the Diablo 3 servers are not down. Something may be preventing you from connecting if you can't log in. The files that our system should ask you for are the DxDiag and the MsInfo, unless on mac, then they ask for the SPX. You can find out more about these here.

    In your case as you have a 100% stop, I would open up a ticket for our tech team. The average wait time right now for a tech ticket is less than 2 hours. Here is the page you would need to select the way you would like help :)

  • Hi SlingenLead,

    If it is just one region, it may be some sort of AntiVirus blocking the connection in that direction. If disabling your AV does not help, I would like to ask you contact us directly too. Make sure to add the system files. :)