Activation Code

  • Tbl
    Ok so I got Diablo 3 from the WoW Annual Pass so it didn't give me an activation key or what have you and it asked for one when I tried to Pre-download the game. It is still downloading regardless I never activated it. I don't want to download the entire thing just to find out I have re-download again because I needed to activate it. So if you don't need to activate it that would be good, but, if you have to activate where are you supposed to get the activation key if you got it from the WoW annual pass?
  • jeannin12,

    Try connecting to your Account Management page and changing the account's password. That will refresh the account data which should clear this up for you.
  • lionv,

    No, you have to spend money in order to get it deposited into your Blizzard Balamce. And Resu is correct, you should have created a separate thread for this.