Help with game loading on MacBook Pro

  • I have a I Imac at home and a MacBook pro I play Diablo on. Works seamlessly on my Home Comp but I keep getting a "Unable to log on" error when I try to open Diablo on my laptop. I have recently downloaded the Necromancer edition on the home computer and have not used my lap top since. The first time I tried to open the game it gave me the log in error message, will not even show the Blizzard Icon opening on the tray! I am wondering if I need to purchase the Necromancer for the lap top as well? Or how can I get the game to load on the lap top for the install to even begin? Thanks
  • Hey Munchkin,

    I would make sure that you are running the latest version of OS X on both your IMac and your MacBook. If you do continue to have issues I would like to get the BLZ error code you are getting and we can go from there.