Launch to black screen with sound and mouse

  • Hello.

    Diablo 3 boots to a black screen with the sound from the game and the stylized mouse, which does move on the screen. In full screen mode, I have to log out of Windows to recover control of my PC. On changing D3 to Windowed Mode through D3Prefs, I'm able to force it closed through Task Manager which reports Diablo 3 as not responding.

    I've been searching the forums on and off for weeks looking for a solution to my problem. None of the various changes to the D3Prefs file seem to have worked for me, and I'm looking for help. I've placed my DxDiag and D3Prefs file in this google drive folder:

    Please help. I'd list solutions I have tried, but I really feel like there have been to many at this point.
  • Tolah,

    Let's make sure your graphics card(s) is fully updated. I took a look at the crash report that was generated with that code and it references the drivers quite a bit.

    I also want you to disable the game bar/dvr for Windows 10.
    ◾ Click Start > Settings
    ◾Select Gaming
    ◾Click the slider to disable the Game Bar and turn off Game DVR

    ~ Zayssie