error 7C9C6524-E3C5-4664-8053-80157B41B082

    link to my post as well
    got a low on system memory error that apparently shut down diablo 3 retail due to memory usage...
  • Heyo!

    If you're getting a low memory message, we'd suggest performing a selective startup to help clear up some memory when playing. If there's still issues, let's try running the 32 bit client which should help limit the memory usage from Diablo III.
  • When the crash occurs, have you checked to see how much memory the game is using? If so, please let us know and let's also grab a DxDiag report.

    While we understand that this only started after the patch, please keep in mind that its not affecting everyone and so for this reason we'll want to troubleshoot these as they come up.