Cant gift diablo 3

  • Hi im from mexico and i have an issue i wrote this post on spanish but ill write it in english too, can someone help me i bought some prepaid cards so i could gift a friend diablo 3 hes from mexico too. The problem is that i didnt know i couldnt buy it. and i charged all the prepaid cards to my account. I already talked to customer support and they told me someone here could help me with my issue or at least read it and tell me what to do.
    I dont want to spend this money on me cause i spend my money so i could gift it, and i cant gift him another game cause he has already all the other ones.
    What can i do so i can gift him the game?
  • Howdy!

    The General Forums would be the best place to voice this feedback for our developers. I sent you an Email to setup a callback with you, please reply too it. I am also going to lock this thread since this is the Technical Support forums were we troubleshoot and gather data only. We do not handle Billing/suggestions. Please keep an eye on your Email.