Problem loading the game license. Please try again. (Code 395000)

  • It seems like from morning till now I'm still experience the same issue. Any support team here? please assist. Thank you.
  • Howdy!

    Error 395000 will occur when the client can not connect to our servers at all. This is why this error is also common during maintenance.

    I'd recommend the following troubleshooting:

    Step 1) Power Cycle your network to refresh your connection to your devices following the steps Here.

    Step 2) Flush your DNS settings Here.

    Step 3) AVG Anti-virus has been the main cause for this error. Try disabling or uninstalling AVG and retest. We recommend if you are using any personal Anti-virus programs to try ensuring they are fully setup with the game on their safe list may also be called exclusion list.

    Retest If the issue continues try Selective Startup.

    Thank you!