Installation Troubles (trouble transferring data)

  • So I've never had this issue before when installing Diablo 3 until after the most recent update. Every time I try to install the game, I am presented with "having trouble transferring data" during the final patch downloads before the game itself gets a chance to install. Which is keeping me from being able to fully install the game. Please Help, never had this issue before

    I've also gone through all the suggested troubleshoot fixes, nothing seems to work.
  • Hey DilKirk!

    Try deleting the Blizzard App cache and tools folder, then run a Scan and Repair on Diablo 3.

    ***NOTE*** Deleting the Blizzard App cache and tools folders will cause the app to forget the install location of your Blizzard games. After relaunching the app you'll be prompted with a 'scan for games' option, use that to let the app rediscover where your Bilzzard games are installed. If one of your games is missing from the list, use the 'locate game' option to manually show the app where the game is installed.