Sick of this

  • Lately multiple times when I've played the game, leaving a public or private game freezes diablo 3 to the point that I can't close it or tab out, or even use task manager, I can only press the windows key and restart my computer. Before I started this post it became worse, diablo 3 froze hard when I was only trying to log into the game. It froze on "retrieving characters". My computer is fully up-to-date and easily meets the system requirements for the game. Also while i'm here, is there any reason that bone armor on necromancer doesn't work more than half the time, even when enemies are in range and the ability isn't on cooldown?
  • Howdy!

    Sorry to hear about your issues with your systems locking up while playing! >,< Investigating this issue, we do not have any outstanding problems of Diablo III causing system lockups by itself. We should be able to troubleshoot this issue. I'd recommend to start with reviewing our Lockup and Crash article Here.

    If the issue continues please post up your Dxdiag within code blocks for us to review!