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  • How do i get my money back for the necro xpac? Its not that I dont love it its that the game is unplayable and blizzard keeps passing the buck on the players for the bad lag, constant disconnects.
  • Bladeyama,

    You already have 2 max level Necromancers on the account which means you've already experienced the content. I'm sorry but your account doesn't qualify for a refund.

    What troubleshooting steps have you tried to resolve your lag and disconnect issues?
  • Bladeyama,

    If you're only seeing issues when playing in high level rifts, it's something you should be posting in the Bug Report forum.

    Tech Support can only help you with issues on your end, we don't have any input as to how the game is made or any bugs that may exist. For example, for troubleshooting purposes, and yes, I know it's a big hassle, could you relocate your PC to a friend's house perhaps who is using a different ISP than CenturyLink or just play on their PC with your account and see if it's any better or not. That information helps to determine where the problem is coming from. Or if you have the means, try using your phone as a mobile hotspot for the PC as a test that would be using a different connection.