Game won't start

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    Installed the game yesterday and having the same problem since. Was able to log in last night by moving the game from my regular Hard Drive to my SSD and thought was a permanent fix guess not.
  • imRawn,

    I took a look at the crash reports you've been submitting. Could you try uninstalling Razer's Chroma app first and see if that resolves it or not? If it does, get the latest version from them and reinstall and then re-test again.

    By the way, you can have the game on any drive accessible by the OS pretty much. The only thing that will change is the load times a little.
  • HARRY,

    They're always going to be different. You can get the same crash for the exact same reason 100 times in a row and all the codes will be unique. That's how we tell them apart.

    Your crashes may be due to Avast. Try temporarily disabling or uninstalling it if you know you can reinstall it again later.
  • HARRY,

    Ok, try toggling the game to use the 32 bit client instead of 64 bit.

    I'd also try updating your GeForce 940MX video drivers. You're on 359.46 right now.

    384.94 -
  • @LazyTitan12
    Let's grab the update Nvidia drivers here.

    Let's uninstall the Razer Chroma SDK Core Components. If there's still issues, please post a DxDiag report.
  • Jimpha - Thank you for posting the report ID. From the error I am seeing in those logs the steps here should help.

    Fearmoor - I did not see any error logs from the client on your computer. May need to do a bit a troubleshooting to find what is causing the crashes here. Please try the steps here.