Not much hope but I dont lose anything asking

  • Hi, I honestly don't think Blizzard could help me with this based on how hardcore characters work but I just have to try. I'm new to Diablo and I've been playing with a friend for a bit over 3 weeks I thinks, and we started hardcore seasonal characters bc she wanted to start fresh with me and we played hardcore just because, we died a few times (mostly I did since I'm new) and we just started fresh, but today I was doing bounties with my demon hunter paragon 250+, the first time I even got to paragon, and I lost connection to the Blizzard servers and when I came back my character had died, I dont even know why I lost the connection since everything else was working fine and my internet didnt seem to be the problem. I understand if it can't be done, but is there any way I could get the character back? I'm only asking bc I really feel it wasn't my fault, unlike the other times where I was just stupid or too cocky, I'm sure this is not the first time something like this happened but honestly I havent done much research on it, I know I should but I'm just too... I dont know... I dont think I'm even angry I'm kinda just shocked or sth idk for how much it took me to get the character to where I got her and now she is just dead. Thanks for reading this block of text and sorry for wasting your time if there's nothing that can be done about it.

    EDIT: Sorry for writing even more but i just need to let some of the steam out, not attacking Blizzard or anything, just saying this bc I dont know where else to talk about this, again I'm just letting steam out, not attacking anyone. Now that this character died like this and I couldn't really do much about it, I feel like I shouldn't play hardcore anymore, which I hate bc I like it when I survive a fight with almost no health knowing it was my only chance, but if something like this can happen after I spend so much time in a character I just feel it's not worth it, the worse part is I dont even know if it was my internet or sth with the blizzard servers, or maybe something with my region connection with the servers i dont [email protected]#$ing know, so i cant do anything to fix it and i feel like i cant play on my own for fear of just losing my characters for no reason, i'm always gonna have to play with a friend in case it happens again so they protect me, and I want to be able to play again. THIS SUCKS OMG xD sorry for making you read so much, i'm kind of in denial rn since i dont even know what happened :P

    EDIT 2: I guess now that I have some paragon and my friend is in a similar level than my previous character we could actually just power level a new one, can that be done with hardcore seasonal characters? as I said I'm new so i'm not sure how everything works.
  • Howdy!

    As a hardcore only player myself, I completely understand how frustrating this can be. It's important to remember your stash can hold items for your hardcore side of characters on the account, and paragon is account wide. It's a good idea to store recently replaced items in your stash.

    As for this request, no we won't assist with this at all for any reason. At any moment a connection issue, crash, or act of god killing the power to your house can occur. Even these we will not assist with and are part of the risk of hardcore.

    What we can assist with is helping you find the core reason you are connection issues if they are still occurring. I would recommend to start troubleshooting following our Diablo III latency problems Here.

    Thank you!